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For those who want to know a lot more about me and my life, or who want great conversation starters, here's some more about me! I chat the most on Onlyfans so if you wanna chat with me about stuff, reach out to me on there, on Fansly, or in my Discord server!

About me!

  • What makes you happy?

    • I love my kittens, writing, video games, and my family! Relaxing with family and pets while wrapped up in a cozy blankie and playing a game is the perfect night for me!​

  • Tell me about your pets!

    • I have 3 cats! 2 girls (Lilo and Marley) and 1 boy (Bear). Lilo is a chunky tuxedo cat that loves snuggles. Marley is my fluffy Norweigein Forest cat who loves to scream and make her personality known! Bear is the fluffy, orange baby of the house and while he only has one brain cell, he tries his best.​

  • When is your birthday?

    • October 14!​

  • What kind of tv shows/movies do you like?

    • Action-packed ones! My ADHD doesn't like to sit through slower movies. I need stuff happening or I lose interest. I also LOVE fantasy stuff. Sci-fi has always had a really special place in my heart too.​

    • If I had to pick an all-time favorite TV show it would be Star-Gate SG1 (not the movie). I fell in love with it as a kid. Every time it was on I'd crawl up into my grandfather's lap and watch it with him. We spent a lot of weekends watching Sci-fi stuff and crafting random things. They're some of my favorite childhood memories!

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